A Day In the Life of Me


Last Friday, I worked in the greenhouse for 5+ hours taking sample and taking notes, and the views from inside were pretty awesome. BUT I start out my day at 5am for my daily Crossfit workout (hate to work out any later than noon) but only after a few morning chores such as turning on heat bulb for my hens and opening their door. The ground had fresh powder of snow and there was enough for a coyote to leave footprints in and out of the broader coop area (so glad we close the main coop door and gate leading into their coop area). I don’t blame coyotes for looking around for food because we all have to eat don’t we?

There is an awesome local coffee shop called “late for the train” and serve the best chai lattes I have had besides my own. I usually make my own but sometimes I just crave the idea of someone else making it for me. That was a good day even though it was long and there was some lag time.

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