All Types of Love

This past Sunday evening, I made a batch of homemade peanut butter and pumpkin biscuits for our dog Willie. I got the recipe off Pinterest and it was pretty simple or so I thought. The recipe was simple but it was too moist so I added flour but then it was a tad dry. My attempt at rolling out the dough, per the instructions, was unsuccessful because it kept sticking to the rolling pin. And boy did this piss me off because I imagined it being a lot easier then that. Oh I forgot to mention that my love, my daughter was helping me out and even though it was a sweet gesture, I admit I wasn’t too keen on the idea. Only because I wanted to get the biscuits done as soon as possible…and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet and I was not in the best mood. As any other woman of age, we suffer the horrors of PMS. Some months are easier than others but those unfortunate days my hormones wreak havoc on ME. I do the best I can to be pleasant and inform my husband, and sometimes my brother, that I am not feeling well and sometimes I don’t mince words and I tell them I am feeling very bitchy. Grrrrr! I tell my husband I need some space and that it’ll pass over…several times throughout the day of course. The whole point of this is that I unfairly snap at my daughter without meaning too. Of course, I apologize and I immediately correct my actions. Usually I tell my husband or my brother to keep her occupied while I take a few moments to breathe, which usually does the trick. My daughter is the best helper there is, and I am taking full advantage because according to my mother, this will not last long. Soon I will be nagging her to finish the simplest chores.  

In the middle of baking the biscuits, I helped with giving my daughter a bath and returned to the kitchen to find my husband molding out the rest of the biscuits in shapes of a fire hydrant and squirrels. It was such a sweet sight for a girl who was feeling very grumpy, fat and bloated. My husband is such a wonderful man who tries to ensure that I am taken care of in any way every day. I am touched by his daily gestures and he always manages to surprise me. 

A little while later when the dog biscuits were done, I took two of them and called Willie over to living room, where my daughter and husband were, and gave the treats to Willie. Then my husband said something that I shall remember forever. I made the comment that Willie would eat anything put forth before him, and my husband said, “If that’s not love then I don’t know what is. Homemade biscuits made just for you.” It really made me think of various forms of love that come at the precise moments you need or want them. My daughter loves to help with chores because she loves us and wants to do what we are doing. She loves me even when her mom is in a shitty mood and wants to be left alone. She doesn’t understand the trivial things that seem to bring adults down, and I am learning to remember that each and every day. And my husband manages to make me feel loved and appreciated even after a long day of training at the hospital, and with a head cold to boot. 

Love is wonderful. Every human being deserves to be loved and respected. I am very fortunate to have both.

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