It’s Really Been Awhile…


with my two loves before a river trip launch…our former lives

How are you? I’ve been rather busy with life, specifically giving birth to our second child and trying to get a hang of life. Life really changes after you have children and much of it is for the better, but some parts were really difficult. These parts were uncontrollable which was annoying because the only thing I could control was the cleaning. I slammed dishes, pillows and other stuff in frustration that no one else was cleaning or keeping the house cleaned…or so I thought. I was irritable, crying frequently, and feelings of hopelessness. I realized once again that postpartum depression was in full effect and thankfully, my husband was already seeing this and took me to get assistance. Gradually, we got the hang of life with an infant who didn’t sleep through the night, voraciously hungry, full of life along with an older sister of who was a doting sibling.

In short, life has been busy but here I am. I am back and I’ve got a lot of my recent journey to share. For now, I just wanted to tell “you” that I haven’t gone anywhere. I just had to take a short great, get myself together, and come up with a plan for this blog whose name, tagline and purpose I have changed a bit to fit more of who I am.

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