To Be or Not To Be?

Prompt: What do you consider yourself a “pro” at?

Interesting question because I could give this question a very simple answer but I think I’ll go more in depth with that. Let me know what you think.

In the Navajo culture, we are taught to be humble and grateful whether we receive or give. It is considered by Navajo elders and leaders that to be otherwise than humble is disrespectful to the person or persons you are giving to or receiving from. This is all to teach discipline, patience, gratitude and self-awareness to a Navajo man, woman, boy and girl. So I am rather hesitant to talk or praise myself (unless of course it is for a job interview or grant) but I am all about praising those who deserve the respectful and kind words I’ll throw their way. So the above prompt is making me think for my words. 🙂

I like to believe that I am a “Jill” (you know instead of Jack) of all trades except where it may concern mechanical, electrical or plumbing maintenance  but even then I can figure out the simplest tasks that will allow my bathroom or kitchen sinks to drain properly. I like to give good presentations on any subject I am familiar with and that goes along with creating a brief but informative powerpoint and oral presentation. I can speak fluent Navajo and can translate for non-English speaking, reading or writing Navajo elders and vice versa. I can do administrative work very well including “bugging” people to get specific documents or information via telephone, email or in-person visits. Etc., Etc., Etc.

The list can continue as long as it wants because I have learned an immense amount of things during my short 32 years from a wide variety of people who have helped me learn those things. And there is only more to learn and I actually like learning how to do new things I’ve never done before or have touched briefly on. So I am going to answer the questions: I am a “pro” at learning how to various types of things that will, hopefully, get me the jobs I do actually apply for. I am a “pro” at learning! Now we just need to work on the procrastination or fear of doing of not doing. Hmmmm!DSCN2010

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