I am fortunate

I wake up every day knowing that I am very fortunate to have a good job that comes with lots of benefits such as good supervisors and educational perks. I learn amazing stuff that I would not otherwise have the opportunity to. Whenever I read or hear the news and learn of unfortunate events or circumstances people are suffering all over the world, I pray and thank the Holy People for my good fortune.

My current job is to work with teachers, students, scientists and community activists. I am fortunate. One of the hardest jobs I believe people have is to work with the less fortunate in less fortunate circumstances whether it is due to environmental disasters, poverty stricken areas, etc. To see people suffering everyday is something that is very hard for me to even think about. I am feel the pain of others on a metaphysical level, if that is the correct term, and I get very much depressed. I feel for people who are less fortunate. I don’t if what I am saying is selfish but I don’t know how else to say it.

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