Last Year and Now the New Year

So I almost did it! I almost finished a month of blogging everyday via NaBloMo December. I was doing fairly well posting content using the daily allotted prompts but then the holidays began. Now I am not much of a holiday, Christmas person and don’t make or wrap my gifts for other folks until the very last minutes before the gift exchange. In addition to the holidays, my little family and I spent a week out on the rez with my extended family, and it was just wonderful. I really do enjoy doing chores for my dad and mom so they don’t have to do it. Mostly the heavy lifting like hauling hay, water and wood. And our daughter brings so much joy to my parents and rest of the family and that makes the holidays that much more special. The other thing is that the Navajo Nation does not have adequate resources to bring quality Internet services out there so we do not have access to the world wide web, unless we are at the local school as an employee or library guest, or live on school campus. Some folks have Internet access via their smartphones but that depends on service providers. We choose not to use ours because the upload is too long and we are scared of using up our data just to check Facebook or something like that.

The New Year brings such joy and promises. Like a fresh clean notebook ready for pencil and pen markings of words and drawings. It’s a mental picture of the possibilities and opportunities in the coming year, and it is very exciting. My daughter has already had her milestone, using the her little portable potty chair to use the bathroom. Wow! That was great! So I predict that before her first birthday she will have potty-trained herself. That will be a relief to our diaper consumption. 🙂


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