Blessed by the Love of a Man

My husband is a full time student at the local college and works a couple of jobs as a nurse and for a river company but he manages to help raise our daughter, and give me his attention and time. Today we went to lunch and then went to a local shop that sells handmade jewelry, lotions, cards and all sorts of stuff to drop off some eggs for a friend who works there. Our friend told us some new earrings ( I LOVE turquoise earrings) had come in and when he showed them to us, they took my breath away. They were so beautiful but I did not have my wallet with me, so I said I would come back later. But my husband surprised me and bought them for me right then and there. I never have any expectations, in regards to wanting/needing gifts from my husband, because he gives me so much more in our relationship and how he is a good father to our daughter that I do not need/want him to buy me gifts unless he wants to. I appreciate him so much for who he is, and I am so in love with him. Quick story on how we came together: we were friends for approximately eight years before we started dating for two years and now have been married for four years. And I am still in love with him after all those years.

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