Where did that come from?

Most often my random thoughts come out of the blue, and my husband puts it best when he said to me the other morning, “That sounds like something you would say in your sleep!” Why did he say that? For like the millionth time (literally), I woke up to get ready for the day and said good morning to my husband, and then randomly asked him, “there are 8 ounces per 1 cup, right?” He said yes, and I replied, “So there would be 3 cups in a 24 ounce glass, right?” Again he said yes, and that’s when he said with a laugh, “that sounds like something you would say in your sleep!”

See my husband is a walking encyclopedia and dictionary. He is crazy smart, book smart, street smart, farm smart, etc., you name it, he is it! I just love him for all the reasons but he really does put up with my questions which are very random and out of the blue. He always patiently answers my questions or we find the answer together. We have some of the best conversations because we don’t always agree on certain issues and topics, but we do not disagree to the point where we are angry with each other. My husband is from Iowa and I am from the Navajo Nation and the combination is just magic. That magic allowed us to have our baby girl who is two years of age, and we are raising her to respect all the random thoughts, ideas and issues that will come at her in the future.


Photos may not be used with the permission of the author. All photos rights credited to Nikki Cooley.

When a woman wears her moccasins she acknowledges Dawn and Darkness…
When she warps her leggings around her legs she knows she is protected by lightning.
When she puts on her buckskin dress she knows she is blessed by Talking God..
When she wears her traditional rug dress she knows she’s one with the holy ones..
When she wears a traditional dress she knows she is representing her nation.
When she wears her jewelry she is conveying the identity of the holy ones..

When she rolls her hair into a traditional tsii yeel (hair bun) she becomes diplomatic…
When she attachs her corn pollen pouch to her right sash fringes she knows she is ready to walk among her people and upon her holy trail…with harmony…
This is the identity of a Dine woman respecting her role and her elders….
– Rita Gilmore (Diné teacher)

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