Writing Tools

Make a list of the writing tools that work for you and help you? What type of writer are you?

What tools help you organize your thoughts? Do you like to outline every detail of each article? Or do you like to write your articles and larger projects in small chunks?

-Hmmm, my list of writing tools? I am not really sure how to answer this question because honestly, the only things I can think of that help me are; my brain, a journal, and a pen. I have tried to search my brain about this and often when I write is when I think of writing. I always envision myself driving home and I think of some really neat things and think I need to write them down, but I don’t usually have my journal or computer near me. Plus I can read/write in a moving vehicle because I get motion sick very easily. And there go my thoughts…..I forgot them. I guess I will have to make the point to carry my journal or ipad with me so I can write down things.

-What type of writer am I? I am sporadic writer because my thoughts are very much all over the place. Sometimes I really believe I have ADD of some sorts because my thoughts don’t stay in one direction. So I am non-linear! I recall writing academic papers and used some of my high school English class training where they suggested writing outlines to bring your paper to fruition. That worked for a bit but then I realized that just the act putting words on paper or screen was more conducive to producing a paper. I would just start writing, even a paragraph was all I needed to begin, but even then that is very hard sometimes when my thoughts are all over the place.

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